Fantastic Academy - Window Cleaning Course
Fantastic Academy
Window Cleaning Course
Fantastic Academy is an international platform for online training courses for starting and growing a business. The courses we create are prepared to meet the preferences of business owners and entrepreneurs. We make sure that the classes include different modules for improving and developing technical skills and starting and growing a property maintenance business. What we did is organising all the necessary information in two different packages to suit everyone’s preferences and goals - Silver and Gold Package.Silver Package is ideal for inexperienced individuals who are looking for a new job and want to become a professional cleaner, gardener or packer. That training will give you basic and target knowledge on proving home services, preventing damages, cross-selling and up-selling services, and so on. Also, that package is suitable for business owners looking for online training for their employees.  Gold Package is a mixture of all topics from the Silver Package plus business modules. Here we explain to our students the entire process of starting and managing a business. We will talk about establishing a company, creating a brand, building a customer base, advertising and so on. So as you see that package is perfect for inexperienced individuals and business owner that are interested in growing their business. You can visit our website to find more information. Call on 07480 048 820.